Wilshire Crescent Heights Project

Proposed at Crescent Heights and Wilshire where Wells Fargo Bank is...

>>> 21-story mixed-use commercial and residential tower

>>> 158 residential units

>>> 6 ½ levels of parking

>>> 422 parking spaces

>>> Northeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Crescent Heights Boulevard

>>> 652-685 1/2 S. Crescent Heights Boulevard
and 6233-6245 Wilshire Boulevard W-CHts renderingW-CHts-site plan

From the Draft Environmental Impact Report

The Applicant proposes the development of a new 21-story mixed-use commercial and residential tower on the northeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Crescent Heights Boulevard.

It would total approximately 175,057 square feet of floor area and contain 158 residential units, and 6,850 square feet of ground level retail.

The residential component of this project would be located in a 21-story residential tower. The proposed structure will reach a maximum height of 255 feet.

The proposed project would also include the construction of four at grade town homes totaling approximately 11,106 square feet. The town homes, and associated 10 parking spaces, would be located on the northwestern corner of the project site and would rise to a height of approximately 45 feet.

A total of 422 parking spaces will be provided in 2.5 subterranean parking garage levels and four above grade parking garage levels. With the 422 parking spaces in the garage and the 10 parking spaces for the townhomes, the total number of spaces provided would be 432.

The project site is currently developed with a single story, 7,117 square-foot bank, and associated surface parking lot (the Wells Fargo Bank).